Westland’s Human Development Program – Written By: Ellen Sanchez

Midway through its third year, we’re strengthening Westland’s Human Development Program by enhancing the inclusivity and welcoming nature of the community and focusing on gender diversity. We’ve developed a multi-layered approach to learning that offers students accurate information and opportunities to discuss issues pertinent to their experience, that are in sync with their cognitive, social, and emotional development. The framework includes a focus on: Bodies, Birth, Families, Friendships, Safety and Gender Development. This year, the children are talking about… • The power they have to make rules for their community that support each individual, without limits set by rigid gender roles. • The courage it takes to stand up to someone who says you can’t do something because of gender. • How we can help others when support is needed. • How to take on the role of courageous bystander in the face of hurtful teasing. • What makes a good friendship? How to resolve differences within friendships. The Westland Library has books on each topic to help start conversations at home. The photo above includes four of them. Idalee and the classroom teachers and I can all make recommendations. I welcome the opportunity to hear from you at egsanchez19@gmail.com Ellen Sanchez Human Development Specialist Related