Alaska Block Building 2016 by: Group Three

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Alaska Block Building 2016 by: Group Three

The Iditarod Trail

As a part of the Alaska study, Group Three took on an extended exploration of the geography of Alaska.  They examined the southwest section of the state, focusing on the Iditarod Trail route which runs from Anchorage to Nome.







In Science they worked to build scale models of the mountain ranges in this area of Alaska, including the tallest peak in North America, Denali.  This was a great extension of their explorations of scale begun in the City study where they used their clothespin people to gauge the scale of their city businesses.

First, Group Three learned to make grids with equal cells.  Partners had to plan and organize which tools they would use and how they would create their grid.








Afterwards, they spent time finding locations on grids.  They drew cards and built the unifix towers indicated in the location on the grid.  They also found locations in a large grid on the science room floor.








Next, Group Three divided into committees and moved into the auditorium.  Each committee was responsible for recreating a mountain range to scale.  The scale was 2 blocks for every 1,000 feet.

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