Parent Participation

Westland believes in a cooperative educational environment and depends on a high level of parent participation in school activities both in and out of the classroom. Our community is not simploy a loose network of families; it’s people working, playing, sharing, and learning together. In fact, we feel so strongly about partipication that each family is required to help through Hot Lunch, field-trip driving, the Fair, committee work, and volunteer hours. The strong and vibrant community that grows from this involvement is the heart of the school and the anchor for a deeply enriching, once-in-a-lifetime experience for parents and students alike.


Each family agrees to participate in our Hot Lunch program as either a cook or baker. On Fridays, one of nine parent-teams meets in the kitchen to prepare a hot lunch for the entire school. A benefit for the parents is a chance to meet and work beside parents of other groups. Working parents unable to be at school are given recipes for desserts that can be prepared at home and sent to school on their assigned Fridays.



Each year parents and students participate in such fundraising events as book fairs, bake sales, and farmers’ markets, plus our annual Fair in May, when the entire Westland community comes together for great food, games, and lots of fun.


Field trips are an integral part of the Westland curriculum, bringing the classroom into the outside world. The children benefit greatly from having their parents on trips with them, and parents gain deeper understanding of the curriculum.Each family is required to drive a minimum of two trips per enrolled child per year.



Westland thrives from the collective efforts of its entire community. Because parent committee work sustains a number of important functions on campus, one member of each family is required to serve on at least one ongoing parent committee. These committees are vital to the functioning and sense of community of the school. Examples include Library Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, and Westland Fair Committee.




Sings have been part of Westland since its founding and occur most Friday mornings in a gathering of students, their families, and the staff. The Sing is a time to share songs, class group news, and community announcements – an “oral newspaper” of what’s going on at Westland. Parents, siblings, family and friends are always welcome to attend. Our parent Coffee Committee offers coffee beforehand, making it a great time for parents to socialize and wrap up the week. This unique event reflects our commitment to the school and each other. It is a tradition – cherished for decades by Westland families