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In support of our mission and fundamental belief that, regardless of the tuition they pay, all families have equal value in our community, Westland is now calling tuition reduction “Flexible Tuition”. We will start to move from the traditional model of tuition reduction to the Flexible Tuition (FT) model with 2017/18 admission. While the complete implementation of FT is expected to take several years, our long-term goal is to extend the FT model to all families except those who can truly manage the top tuition, thereby allowing a family of any income to find Westland affordable.

What might this mean for you? While we will continue to support all of our current families who have qualified (and continue to qualify) under the FT model, we then hope to add a few families every year to the FT program, eventually having a tuition model that further reflects our commitment to a socioeconomically diverse community. In the 2016/17 school year, 27% of Westland’s students are receiving FT, with the average flexible tuition being 51% of the top tuition.

Still have questions? You will find further information about Flexible Tuition and the application requirements in our admissions packet.



Click on this link to download additional Flexible Tuition Forms