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Yearbook_JMP_59Dear Prospective Parents,

Welcome to Westland! Westland is unique among schools in Los Angeles, and indeed the world. Our emphasis on community and unwavering commitment to the child serve as the cornerstones of the school. We are fortunate to have cultivated a community over the years that not only focuses on our students but also includes the adults. Parent involvement is woven into the daily life of Westland. Through this model we create a partnership between home and school that is unique and vital.

As a beacon of progressive practice, Westland is a place to which other educators, policy makers, and parents can turn to observe what’s possible when a school starts by nurturing the child’s natural curiosity and then fosters the depth of learning that emerges from that approach, whatever the learning tool or content studied.

In this new century, in which technology consistently takes us to new places and where the very nature of communication and work is changing, much is said about the value of an education that promotes collaboration, problem solving, information analysis, adaptability, and intrinsic motivation. Being a long-standing progressive school, teaching and learning in this way has been fundamental to our approach since 1949. Such experience puts us in a unique position to apply our practices to this ever-changing, dynamic world.

I am deeply excited about what lies ahead for Westland, and I eagerly look forward to meeting you as you search for the right school for your child.



Scott Moran
Head of School