Dear Prospective Parents,

Welcome to Westland! At its best, the admissions process you are embarking upon can be a time for deep personal reflection. It is a process that invites parents to articulate their family values and personal philosophy on education—and one that offers each parent the opportunity to ask themselves:

“Who is my child?”

“What does it look like when my child is thriving?” and

“What are my true hopes for my child?”

I look forward to supporting you throughout this deeply personal process. Having recently been appointed Head of School by the Board of Trustees, I had my own recent version of a search process! I’m confident you will quickly discover what I did: Westland is a leader in progressive education. Founded in 1949, Westland has been—and is—ahead of its time. It is a school that is learner-centered, emphasizing skills and values like collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem solving, empathy building, equity, and inclusion. Westland equips its students to navigate our rapidly changing and dynamic world.

Westland teachers have an unflagging commitment to each child. By honoring their natural curiosity, the teachers guide students through an integrated, hands-on, thematic curriculum. Learning is active. Students are engaged, motivated, and joyful! They see that their learning is connected to something bigger: community, social justice, and active citizenry—all of which is modeled to them by the surrounding community of adults.

Throughout a student’s Westland education, parents serve a vital role—they are essential partners in each child’s education. Parent involvement is intentionally woven into life at Westland. As such, this admissions process is a chance for you to imagine yourself as a learner, a leader, and future community member, as well. I sincerely look forward to meeting you, connecting with you, and exploring your questions as you seek out the ideal match for your family.




Melinda A. Tsapatsaris

Head of School